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Bao is an Asian steamed bun with a variety of fillings. It can be a delicacy in a century-old restaurant or a quick bite on the way to work. Bao is believed to be invented as a portable meal for soldiers in 3rd century AD. Over the years, it gradually proliferated to become common people's taste in many parts of Asia. Chefs have created their own bao with ingenuity, love and available local ingredients. Today, Bao transcends all culinary ethnicities and nationalities such as Korean, Chinese, French, Italian, and Mexican. Although there are lots of different flavors and varieties, they are all collectively known as "Bao".

From our pork sourced from farms certified to raise pigs naturally, to homemade onion jam reduced with lots of red wine to nutricious black rice mixed with a touch of EVOO, we select and treat each ingredient with respect.  The majority of our ingredients are also known as super foods that are packed with health benefits.  It's our respect for the environment, the ingredients, and value that make us so happy to come to work and our bao so delicious.

  • Steam buns to order

  • Make own sauce with wholesome herbs and vegetable

  • Use a blend of pork shoulder and knuckle meat to intensify the flavor

  • Confit our own duck legs

  • Recycle and compost at the kitchen.

  • Use recycable or bio-degradable packaging.

Corporate/event caterings

Corporte or event service is on Mondays through Saturdays. This type of catering is ideal for parties of 40-150 people. Service time exceeds no more than 1 hour of service, crew arrives 45 minutes to 1 hour prior to service. You can call us at 202.321.6966, email us at or use this form to contact us

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Stand for a Cause

We want to stand for local causes in the community.  Tell us about your cause and how we can help.
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Recycle and compost at the kitchen.
All our packaging are recycable or bio-degradable.


We want to bring together caring, fun and smart people who love to serve and spread the good word.
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